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Winters Flat Primary

Winters Flat Primary School in Castlemaine is a leader among Victorian schools for sustainability practice. This focus on sustainability and the environment informs life in the classroom, in their playground and gardens, and spreads to… Read More »Winters Flat Primary

NSW Councils going 100%

Philipa Veitch Greens Councillor Randwick <facebook post> ยท BREAKING: We won! Randwick Council and 24 Sydney councils have dropped their contract with Origin Energy as part of a groundbreaking push for 100% ethical and sustainable procurement for… Read More »NSW Councils going 100%

Meanwhile in Yack

Totally Renewable Yackandandah A 100% volunteer run community group with the lofty goal of powering this small Victorian town with 100% renewable energy, giving resilience, savings, lower emissions and showing that it can be done.

Sources of GHG Emissions

Knowing where Greenhouse Gas Emissions originate is the first step in eliminating them. Here’s the global picture, based on 2016 data. A Global Breakdown of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by SectorWorld emissions have reached almost 50… Read More »Sources of GHG Emissions

Energy Bill

Energy Bill Mentoring & Training Why do this training? Energy bills are expensive, and sometimes too expensive. Changing retailers, or changing the time appliances are used can result in cheaper bills. We want people to… Read More »Energy Bill


Framework for this Presentation to Greenpeace Hubs Our Origin Our Aim How we are aiming to achieve 100% renewables by 2025 or earlier. Show the posters big and little- images Show video Website Partnerships Reiterate… Read More »Framework


What we are doing in in the Mount Alexander Shire is modelled on the Greenpeace Re energise Campaign and it takes a similar tone.  It  focuses on the small to medium businesses in our area,… Read More »Intro

Our Origin

In 2019, we engaged in the Climate Emergency Campaign with great results. It brought the community together which was very evident in both the community Information evening we ran and the resulting whole-day Council-facilitated community forum… Read More »Our Origin