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Environmental Upgrade Finance

If your business wants to do a building upgrade or install solar you may have access to government enabled finance. Environmental Upgrade Finance is a fixed rate, long term loan that gives you access to the capital you need to unlock savings and make your building more sustainable. The building owner enters into an agreement with their local Council and a lender in what is called an Environmental Upgrade Agreement.

Repayments are made through your local Council over terms of up to 20 years. Loans are tied to the building, not the owner, which means no upfront cash or capital is required.

Sustainable Australia Fund

contact: 1300 432 044

The Sustainable Australia Fund is Australia’s leading provider of Environmental Upgrade Finance. They work with businesses to finance renewable energy projects and building upgrades that improve efficiency or reduce waste. This includes  installing solar panels, battery storage, energy management systems, heat pumps, electric vehicle charging stations, daylighting, energy efficient lighting, electric motors, pumps, ventilation systems, fans, blowers, compressed air systems, double glazing and insulation.

Environmental Upgrade Finance is the only loan available that can finance 100% of project costs, including both hard and soft costs. With terms of 4-20 years, the team at Sustainable Australia Fund work with their clients to ensure the project is cash flow positive from year one; where savings exceed payments. Unlike other types of business loans, there is no additional personal security required.

Sustainable Australia Fund is the financier who provides the funds for the building upgrade. The Council is the billing agent who collects the repayments on a quarterly basis alongside municipal rates.