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YIMBY Composters

YIMBY – Yes in My Back Yard Compost bins are not often seen in front gardens, especially large ones with thermometers peeking out from the top.  But this is YIMBY, otherwise known as the Yes… Read More »YIMBY Composters


Nestled between a cake shop and an art shop, is a new addition to Barker Street Castlemaine. It’s name is Incarnation, and it’s where to find Holly Simpson and Britt Rouse, two design entrepreneurs with… Read More »Incarnation


It’s a small world in the Castlemaine gift shop, Tribe.  A small, unassuming shopfront tucked away in Barker Street reveals a vast array of products, all handmade with natural materials, and many of them tiny. Ange Rosemann opened the store 8 years ago, showcasing the work of local artists, such as Katherine Wheeler and Bridget… Read More »Tribe

Hand Picked

Ali’s path to renewable floristry When Ali Troup first started in the florist industry 24 years ago, she didn’t stop to consider sustainability. These days she doesn’t do anything without first thinking of the consequences… Read More »Hand Picked

The Maldon Bakery

In 2022 Rebecca Barnett bought the Old Bakery in Main Street Maldon. Until then, she’d been a frequent visitor to the town and loved its charm. Coming from generations of bakers, and having worked in… Read More »The Maldon Bakery

Like Butter

Photographer: Kate Meade LIKE BUTTER’S owners Jem Freeman and Laura Woodward established their business two years ago in Castlemaine’s Wesley Hill Industrial area. They installed a 27kW PV solar system on their roof with a… Read More »Like Butter


Here are the ways my micro business Wonderpants is endeavouring to be as sustainable as possible, at this stage of our growth. We make Wonderpants in small batches and to order, hence there is no… Read More »Wonderpants