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Framework for this Presentation to Greenpeace Hubs Our Origin Our Aim How we are aiming to achieve 100% renewables by 2025 or earlier. Show the posters big and little- images Show video Website Partnerships Reiterate… Read More »Framework


What we are doing in in the Mount Alexander Shire is modelled on the Greenpeace Re energise Campaign and it takes a similar tone.  It  focuses on the small to medium businesses in our area,… Read More »Intro

Our Origin

In 2019, we engaged in the Climate Emergency Campaign with great results. It brought the community together which was very evident in both the community Information evening we ran and the resulting whole-day Council-facilitated community forum… Read More »Our Origin


Why we think this will work! CUMULATIVE MOMENTUM: the more businesses join, the more businesses join We can more easily and successfully tap into the potential for change given that there is  a strong, demonstrated… Read More »CUMULATIVE MOMENTUM

Summary: HOPEFUL

Our Role To demonstrate that a level of organised community involvement can accelerate Small Business in its transition to 100% Renewable Energy, and thereby achieve our Net Zero future far faster that anticipated To identify… Read More »Summary: HOPEFUL