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What we are doing in in the Mount Alexander Shire is modelled on the Greenpeace Re energise Campaign and it takes a similar tone.  It  focuses on the small to medium businesses in our area, specifically to encourage them to move to 100% Renewable by 2025 or before.

We’re delivering a simple message to businesses: as a community, let’s move from dirty energy to clean energy. This has multiple benefits: right from a climate POV and smart from an economic point of view. Our strategy has been to create a campaign that is INCLUSIVE, EMPOWERING, INTERESTING and that creates CUMULATIVE MOMENTUM and is HOPEFUL.

Strategic approach 
  • Inclusive – Every small business stands to gain
  • Empowering – This is something we can do. Let’s do it!
  • Interesting – Everybody has a different story and tells it in their own words
  • Cumulative Momentum  – The more businesses join, the more businesses join
  • Hopeful – If they can do it so can we / Our community is heading in the right direction / Our emissions curve is going downwards!

Our Rationale

  • We understand that Small to Medium Businesses in Australia are in their energy use collectively one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gas.
  • We saw that the Greenpeace ReEnergise Campaign has been most effective in moving Big Businesses to more effective energy use, and that if the same motivations to be aroused in Small Business, then the move to Net Zero could be greatly accelerated.
  • We realised that delivering such a campaign to Small Business will depend on a smaller, community-based approach, and as such may be appropriate for uptake by the Greenpeace Hubs

Today we’re wanting to show you the resources we’re developing, as it’s our hope that other groups nationally might be able apply the campaign in their own local government areas/shires, thus maximizing impact and momentum. If any of the resources are of use, we are happy to them to be shared widely.

Presentation List