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NSW Councils going 100%

Philipa Veitch Greens Councillor Randwick

<facebook post> · BREAKING: We won! Randwick Council and 24 Sydney councils have dropped their contract with Origin Energy as part of a groundbreaking push for 100% ethical and sustainable procurement for our Power Purchase Agreement.

In 2019 Randwick council supported Greens motions to declare a Climate Emergency and to support NT traditional custodians to oppose Origin’s plans to frack the NT, writing to Origin Energy and all the Regional Organisations of Councils (ROCs) in NSW to express our strong opposition to the plans.

It’s one of the largest renewable energy deals for local government, which will see 25 councils supplied by three NSW solar farms. Worth approximately $180 million, the landmark retail electricity agreement will deliver over 214 gigawatt hours of electricity per year to 25 councils across NSW. 18 of the 25 councils (including Randwick) have committed to 100% renewables.

The fact that Randwick and SSROC have dropped their contract with a company that had committed to large scale fracking projects has sent a loud and clear message that communities are prepared to back companies that are genuinely committed to achieving net zero emissions. It’s also testament to the fact that Randwick and many other councils across NSW have declared a climate emergency and are taking real steps to tackle climate change on a local level.

It’s strong actions like these which will stop dirty fossil fuel companies in their tracks and set us on the path to net zero by 2030!