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The Business of Climate Change

Photos by Craig Gaston

On Monday evening of the 28th June an exciting event, “The Business of Climate Change”, saw 100 people representing businesses across Central Vic gather at the Goods Shed in Castlemaine.

Hosted by Business Mount Alexander, the attendees heard a range of experts describing the various ways that all businesses can gain advantage, financial and ecological, through the adoption of alternative energy sources, building-upgrade subsidies and other opportunities to lower their costs as they shrink their carbon footprint.  These opportunities work in synchrony with Mount Alexander Shire’s efforts to meet their 2025 target of being a 100% Renewable Energy Shire.

The idea for this night was seeded by Terry White, a tireless Castlemaine campaigner and a man with positive vision. His idea was to promote all the great subsidies, rebates and tax breaks available to businesses to bring them more quickly to 100% clean energy. Once Terry’s ideas seeped in, our group jumped on board to help make it happen. Business Mount Alexander then enthusiastically embraced the project and teamed with the Shire Council and Mount Alexander Sustainability Hub to promote and make clear what State and Federal Governments are offering right now, to make it easier for everyone to move to clean energy.

Welcomed with fine wine and delicious food provided by Shedshaker and The Tap Room, we heard an expert panel discuss the Financial help readily available to fund building retrofitting, how the circular economy works, all about solar panels. We heard also of the exciting moves currently underway by Mount Alexander Shire in shifting to Net Zero Emissions by 2025 in their own operations (including a fleet of electric cars with two charging stations already available, one in Castlemaine and one in Harcourt).

The night ended on a most optimistic note, with stories of businesses who are already well on their way to 100% clean energy, reducing their costs and their emissions as they earn the admiration of their clients. You will soon find these business owners’ stories in video clips on this site, stories that will certainly inform and inspire you on your journey, and assist you along this profitable and sensible path.

You will find out much more about the grants and services available to you right now in the information document produced by Terry White and available under Resources.

List of Speakers

  • Jodi Newcomb (MASC)
  • Damien Melotte (Circular economy)
  • Christine Gross (Sustainable Australia Fund)
  • Geoff Cain (DELWP)
  • Tim Grimes (Cola Solar)
  • Warwick Smith (Castlemaine Institute)
  • Jem Freeman-Seligman (Like Butter)
  • Frank Forster (Enviroshop Newstead)