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agenda 10/11/23


10.30 am Library 10th November

  1. Acknowledgement of Country
  2. Briefing for Jade from Press re December 14 event/ Dec 14 planning
  3. Passing of previous Minutes
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Website: follow up on action: SImon’s password protected area for Minutes/Agendas/Files
  6. Vision statement approval: 
    • Draft: To forward the objective of 100% renewable energy use in Mount Alexander Shire and inspire and encourage community focus by telling the stories of projects in town.”
  7. Frances report of MASG relationship
  8. Video updates: 
    • MASC grant submitted. Thank you Frances!
    • Botanical Gardens clinic use? 
  9. Grants update: 
  10. Schools update: 
  11. Next stories: 
    • Group discussion on priorities: (Electricity/Agriculture/Transport)
      • Tribe: up on website!
      • Tortoise Coffee: communication has been established.
      • Incarnation: recycled fabrics and garments. 
      • Mat’s mobile bike repair business?
      • Prisons?
      • Green folly?
  12. Magnets produced  – thank you Simon!
  13. Contact with Tarrengower Times 
  14. Instagram
  15. Next meeting: December 8th?