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Fumina Projects – The Hub & The Paddock

Fumina Projects is moving to 100% clean energy.

Our company is building The Paddock, an all-electric eco village which is being built according to the requirements of the Living Building Challenge. When finished it will comprise 27 houses and a community centre 

A major aim of The Paddock is to set a new standard for CO2 emissions from housing. With solar on every roof and an average energy rating per house of around 8.3, The Paddock will provide a significant percentage of its food needs on site and each week will put out only one waste bin and one recycling bin per 7 houses. On present indications, the Paddock will produce at least 50% more electricity than it uses. Construction is well over half way and should be completed by the end of 2022. 

Fumina also owns the Hub office building in Barker St Castlemaine. This building was extensively renovated in 2009/10 when several significant energy saving measures were introduced, especially reverse cycle heating and cooling, ceiling insulation, openable windows, provision of a bike shed, a community garden and draught stopping.  After the roof is renewed in the next few months, enough solar will be installed to power the whole building.

With income from The Hub office complex we’ve been able to fund the Hub Foundation which established the MASH community solar bulk buy project in the shire. Other Hub Foundation projects include Plastic Bag Free Castlemaine,  Bike safety projects, YIMBY, a community compost project and the Hub Plot community demonstration food growing garden & street plots. More information about the Hub foundation Castlemaine can be found on our website and Facebook.